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Traveling out to Europe or America illegally?
You will end up doing 3 or 4 menial jobs.
You could end up on cold, strange streets or in inhumane detention centres.
As an illegal alien, you have no identity, you are just a number
You cannot enforce your rights.
Want to volunteer to sweep the streets? Do so in Africa. You could receive donor funding for cleaning our seas and neighbourhoods.
Like menial jobs? Stay back in Africa and be a contractor of menial jobs.
That way you make more money and keep your pride.
Second Opportunity Africa will teach you how to achieve this.

… Linda Somiari Stewart. phone: + 234-8189388559

Illegal Migrants For Sale!
…be wise, seek counsel

Considering illegal migration? You are likely to end up dead in the desert or the Sea. Lucky to survive the desert and the sea? You are likely to end up in a slave market, bought for grinding slave labour.

You could become a sex slave.

Your organs may end up in the illegal human organs market!

The money raised for the illegal trip is enough to take you through Vocational School in Europe or North America and make you live respectable lives anywhere in the world.

Be wise, seek counsel + 234-8189388559  –

An exclusive report by CNN.

People for sale

Where lives are auctioned for $400



With   , you never walk alone.
New in a city? there are Rangers  ready to help you out with information on where to go,
how to go and what to do, even alert the police if you get into trouble

Project Photos


Awala Uwuma

I didn’t know how to go about my career of brand managing . The competition was fierce and i was frustrated. I had no self confidence and that affected my job. After attending the EMPOWER seminar of Second Opportunity Africa Foundation, my perspective changed and the sky is even not my limit. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Fred Tammy Philips

I have benefited immensely from the mentorship program of Second Opportunity Africa. Before my online encounter with the Founder Hon. Linda Somiari Stewart, I was at my wit’s end. Only a year later, I have found my passion. I am now a social media image manager for several VIP. I am now a happy young man full of promise.

Emmanuel Sunday

After Secondary School, I moved around Abuja doing odd jobs, the future looked hazy. Then I encountered Second Opportunity Africa. I have since moved back to my village, okpoga, in Benue State. I am now a fulfilled farmer with a bright future.

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